Worlds of Faith at Christmas

December 19, 2012
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wof3d_thumb_thumb.pngChristmas may have been the wrong time of year to start a Kickstarter project. However, I am very grateful to all of you who have supported the project at:

I won't nag you about funding until the New Year.

However, I thought you might like to know how my story writing is getting on. I had one pre-written story ready for the book, and another that I have used once before, but thought I might include. However, I have also had an idea for an eponymously titled story. I won't give away a lot about it. However, it is about a man in the antique trade who owns an old English wardrobe, and who has a fixation about the works of C.S. Lewis. It is currently about half-written, but I have had an idea this morning that will require me to re-write a lot of it! I am really enjoying the concept though, and I would like to include it, because I think it is an idea that I can expand into a series of novels.

Anyway – have a great Christmas – and, if you are, enjoy writing!

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