Winter in Pensacola

January 13, 2014
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Pensacola Beach
The white stuff is sand, not snow

Many thanks to all my friends back in Britain, who have expressed their concern over the recent cold conditions in the United States. The suffering here in Florida has been excruciating. I mentioned on Facebook that I had been forced to wear a long-sleeved shirt one day last week. The other day, my daughter and her boyfriend went to sun themselves on Pensacola Beach, and she discovered that it was just a bit chilly in the shorts she was wearing, and was forced to put on some long trousers, which she fortunately had with her for just such an emergency.

Temperatures one night got as low as 30degF – that's -1degC. One plastic fawcet pipe in our back yard (garden) froze and split.

However, things are now looking up, and readers will be glad to know that I am back in a short-sleeved shirt today.

But if you think we never suffer with the weather in Florida – just wait for the hurricane season!

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