We Woz Robbed

October 15, 2011
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I don't normally get steamed up over sports. But we woz robbed of the chance to play in the Rugby World Cup final. Warburton's sending off after 17 minutes in the semi-final between Wales and France was the sort of decision that can give refereeing a bad name. Why did Rolland (the ref) make such a knee-jerk response? Why didn't he consult his assistants? There was no malice in Warburton's tackle. But there was cynicism in France's entire approach to the game. If Wales had got through to the final – as they deserved – at least it would have been a good final, even though I expect their Southern Hemisphere opponent ultimately to win. But whether Australia or New Zealand win the other semi tomorrow, France can expect to be hammered. France did not even deserve to get through the group stage. They certainly shouldn't be in the final.

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  1. Robert the Engineer

    Speaking as someone living about 90 minutes drive from both Monmouth and Wrecsam, it's nice to hear Rugger discussed, even though I am east of Offa's Dyke, and so would have different loyalties if I were a Rugger fan. And if your web contact form will take pdf as well as Word Doc, I will send you my tune to someone's poem on “Awake It Is Day”.

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