Walking the Dog – Episode 7

December 17, 2012
Author Article AV Media Podcast (Walking the Dog)

Christmas Trees and a Faithful Witness

This is the seventh episode of Walking the Dog. Walking the Dog is a podcast by Paul Taylor. It features random thoughts from Paul, while out walking his dog, Fraser. In this episode, Paul rambles on about Christmas trees, idols and the faithful witness in the sky.


Please Note!!

The Walking the Dog Podcast has a new feed. This is because my free Podbean account is full, so I am returning to an old account I used when I was with Answers in Genesis UK. The new feed has to be registered with iTunes all over again – Podbean won't let me move the feed. So, I am now using a Feedburner feed, which will make it easy, should I ever have to change feeds again.

The RSS feed is:

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