Unsavory Fellow Travelers of the Post-Tribulationists

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December 18, 2014
Historic Premillenialism Israel

That's a snappy little title isn't it!

I have become concerned recently that there seems to be a growing anti-Zionist and even anti-semitic trend amongst some post-tribulationists. I noticed this in comments on a Facebook group dedicated to post-tribulationism. And I have seen it in some post-tribulationist website articles.

I believe that the Bible teaches post-tribulationism. What does thius mean? It means that the events of the future and the end of times will happoen precisely as stated in the book of Revelation. That is to say, there will come a time of great trouble – Great Tribulation. Christians will need to live through this time. At the end of this Big Trouble, Jesus will return, catching up his followers to be with Him, and returning on the clouds. This sequence of “catching-up” or “rapture” of the saints happens immediately prior to the Glorious Return of Christ, and is part of the same event. Then, Jesus will reign on the Earth at Jerusalem for a thousand years. This view is a form of Pre-Millennialism. Because we believe that we can show that this was the view of the early church, it is often called Historic Pre-Millennialism. Because this view places the “rapture” after the tribulation, it is often called Post-Tribulation Pre-Millennialism. In this way, the view differs from that which is found amongst many American evangelicals – the view known as Pre-Tribulation Pre-Millennialism.

So far so good. However, I also believe that Scripture teaches us that God has not finished with His historic people, the Jews. We therefore deny that God has “replaced” or “continued” Israel with the Gentile Church. Indeed, we suggest that Romans 9 through 12 shows that God has not finished with the Jews, and will still bring blessing through them.

It is true that pre-trib pre-mill people tend to be pro-Israel in their views. However, in opposing pre-tribulationism, we should not fly to anti-semitism. There is no dichotomy between Christian Zionism and a biblical view of the Second Coming.

One lengthy blog article in support of post-tribulationism started out well. I read 4 paragraphs that showed how pre-tribulationism has actually arisen in the midst of false doctrine

And then came the paragraph containing anti-semitism.

“Zionism has become a good word in Christendom thanks to pre-tribbers, but has anyone ever told you that Zionism is based on Satanic men no better than the Pharisees?”

This last comment is untrue, and is itself of Satanic origin. In fact, the writer of the article went on to quote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion – one of the most disgraceful anti-semitic books ever. In fact, here is no reason to embrace anti-zionism in order to support post-tribulationism. The two are not mutually exclusive, and, indeed, I hold to both.

So, let's ditch the anti-semitic rhetoric, and cling faster to the truth of God's word in everything.

I frequently recommend the preaching of David Pawson. If you look at his website (www.davidpawson.org) you will find good sermons on Historic (Post-Trib) Pre-Millennialism AND Christian Zionism. Or you can buy his books – read “When Jesus Returns” and “Defending Christian Zionism” concurrently, to see why you should accept both these doctrines as biblical.

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