June 25, 2011
Author Article

Twitter is useful to me, but has also become problematic. It is used by some people to “spy” on those in Christian ministry, rather than to support. Some juvenile Twitterers actually take the trouble to log my movements and comments and go away to make disparaging and insulting comments on their own blogs. Get a life, guys! Consequently, I have altered my account so that I have to approve every new Twitterer who wants to follow. Most requests will be declined.

I will only be accepting followers whose profile and Tweets indicate that they are broadly sympathetic to my position. Some Christians fail to put any profile information out. I understand that you are protecting yourself, but I have to protect myself too. If there is no information about you, then your request to follow my Tweets will be declined. This even includes Facebook friends, because I haven't time to look up your details and find out exactly who you are. If I can't get the immediate info that I need to make a decision from your profile alone, then I will decline your request automatically. I hope you understand this.

This information is being left on this site as a page and menu item, as well as a post.

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