The Persecution Is Getting Worse

January 10, 2014
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Tony Miano
Tony Miano, who has been arrested in Britain for a second time, for the simple 'crime' of preaching the Gospel on the streets.

It is a matter of very great concern that my friend Tony Miano has again been arrested on a preaching visit to Britain. Once again, the reason given is for “homophobic hate speech”. Yet at no time did Tony offer any hate speech, and at no time did the Police in Dundee, Scotland (where he was street preaching) examine any evidence from Tony. Tony had a complete video of everything that he had said – but the police were not interested in viewing it.

On this occasion, unlike the previous occasion in Wimbledon, Tony has actually been charged with the offence of “breaching the peace”. He will have to return to Britain in April to face this charge in court. Remember that Tony is a former law enforcement officer himself, and is known for being careful and correct in his public attitudes.

My own take on this is that law enforcement in Britain is being used to try to stop Christians from witnessing in public – and the law enforcement agencies are being strongly pressurized by the homosexual lobby. It does not matter that they know that their efforts to charge Christians will probably fail. Just the fear of arrest, and the stress caused by waiting for the court system, will be enough to prevent many British Christians from witnessing in public.

As before, Tony – in common with other Christians caught in the legal system in various parts of Britain – is being represented by Christian Concern. While well-meaning Christians may want to try to intervene and/or offer advice, I suggest that legal matters are left to Christian Concern, and urge all my readers to follow the reports on that organization's website, including any advice that they might have on what Christians should do.

Meanwhile, pray for Tony and his family. It will be very expensive for a self-supporting preacher like Tony to raise the money to fly back to the UK in April, yet, if he does not do so, the option to visit Britain again will be gone for good. I guess if there is anything that ordinary Christians could do – other than the important matter of prayer – it would be to provide financial assistance to Tony and his family for the events in April.

For details on what actually happened, please listen to this excerpt from the Janet Mefford Show, in which she interviews Tony about these events.


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