The Falklands vote to stay British

March 13, 2013
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The vote in the Falklands referendum was 98% in favor of the islands retaining its current status as a self-governing Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom.

Just a day after the result, we find that the new Pope is Argentinian. Will this make a difference? Will Pope Francis I have a moderating influence on the rhetoric of Argentina's President Kirchner? Or will he attempt to put pressure on Britain to relinquish the islands, in the teeth of the desire of its inhabitants, making a mockery of the sacrifice of British servicemen who gave their lives for the freedom of the Falklands.

So, this might be a good moment to remind ourselves why the Falklands matter. Since US Secretary of State John Kerry has been so lukewarm in his defense of his supposed British allies, we should remind ourselves about how Britain's greatest Prime Minister of the late 20th Century gave a thorough handbagging to Kerry's predecessor, Alexander Haig.

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