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3D eBook

Meanwhile, I promised you the free eBook – Create Your Own Kindle-Compatible eBook. So, here it is!

The eBook is available in two formats: PDF and MOBI. The MOBI version is Kindle-Compatible itself!

Instructions for obtaining the MOBI Kindle-Compatible version.

Download the zip file, by clicking on the link. Double-click on the zip file and extract the book as a .prcfile. You now have two methods of getting this on the Kindle.

Method 1

Amazon have given you a special email address for your Kindle. You will find it on the Manage your Kindle page on Amazon’s site, under Manage your Devices. Simply send an email to this special address, attaching the prc file to the email. After a couple of minutes, your book should be available on the Home page on your Kindle.

Method 2
Attach your Kindle to your PC by its USB cable. When the folder options pop up, select the option to open the folder. Then double-click on the Documents folder of the Kindle. With another explorer box, find your .prc file and copy it. Paste it into your Kindle Documents folder. When you detach the Kindle and check the Home button, your new book should appear.

Here are the two files.



I suggest that you bookmark this page, so that you can come back to it if you lose your downloaded file, or if you decide you want the other version too.