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Taylor Talks
June 24, 2012
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Taylor TalksTaylor Talks is a collection of 5 talks that I gave at a conference at Bethany Baptist Church, Pwllgwaun, in the Rhondda Valley (Cwm Rhondda) in South Wales, UK. These 5 talks have been carefully remastered, with new introductions, and a 6th CD has been added containing useful discussion guides to the talks.

The CD set will be released on July 5th, and can be obtained from The Creation Store.

This is the product description from the website.

Creationism has come under much criticism throughout Western countries in recent years. Evangelical Christians, who claim to believe the Bible is true, have decided to reinterpret Genesis according to modern culture and to pretend that is is allegorical, imparting vaguely defined “truths” about how God organizes the world, rather than being the history book of the universe.

Join Paul Taylor of Creation Today as he brings back the foundations of biblical truth on creationism in Taylor Talks.


  1. Dinosaurs and the Bible
  2. Creation or Evolution – Who Cares?
  3. How Old Is the Earth?
  4. Noah and the Flood
  5. James Ussher and Biblical Chronology
  6. Discussion Guide on PDF

I hope that you will enjoy this CD set and that it will complement my books.

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