Sunset Disc Golf Course

July 4, 2011
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My favorite disc golf course is the Sunset Disc Golf Course at Shoreline Park, Sunset Boulevard, GulAdam achieves hole 18f Breeze, FL. I say favorite, because there are two free courses in the Pensacola area (the other being at University of West Florida), two paid courses in the Naval Aviation area, and another two free courses in nearby Milton. This leads me to ponder – why weren't there any courses around in the UK? Living just south of Leicester, I found out that my nearest course was Leamington Spa – and that seemed to be quite expensive. Yet a disc golf course is a cheap thing to put in a park. Each target costs about $300 – that must be about £200. The course itself requires no maintenance of greens, and just a bit of clearing of sites. The targets can be set in otherwise unusable areas of parks – for example among the trees. So a disc golf course could be set up in a modest sized municipal park for just a couple of thousand pounds! It's a fun game – disc golfers don't seem to take themselves too seriously. Knighton Park, Leicester, could easily house a course among the trees, and so could Abbey Park. I know what the problem is, though. British people seem to vandalize free games equipment more than the locals round here. That's a shame.

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