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June 13, 2012
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If RSSOwl is open, it is easy to subscribe to feeds, providing the Blogger has given you an easy RSS feed button to follow. Click on the blog's feed button, so that you get a feed listing in your browser. If the blogger hasn't provided such a button, there's not a lot you can do, unfortunately. There are ways of finding the feed, but why bother? It is not worth the effort to follow such a blogger.

You might get the “feedburner” listing, if the blogger has used Feedburner. It looks like this. If you get it, then click on the View Feed XML button.

This will bring you to a page like this:

In the grey “drop-down” next to where it says “Subscribe to this feed using” choose RSSOwl, and click Subscribe now. This will open up a dialogue in RSSOwl.

Click on the Next button.

This enables you to organize your feed, by selecting a folder for it to go in, or creating a new one. Finally click Finish and you are done! The headings of each blog post will appear in your listing for you to scan at your leisure.

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