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Six Days of Genesis
October 10, 2012
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Six Days of GenesisMy DVD series, The Six Days of Genesis, has been a long time in the making, but it is finally here!

The initial studio filming took place in October 2011, with an invited audience at the CTN studios, Pensacola. Extra excerpts were then filmed at the studios and elsewhere.

The series is actually a set of expositions on Genesis 1 and 2. This makes the product unique in the creationist world, as it is the only such expository introduction to the whole subject of creation vs evolution, and grounds everything immediately in the canon of Scripture.

The first people able to purchase this set will be those attending The Proof of God Conference in Orlando this weekend. After that, the product will go on pre-sale, ready for release at the beginning of November 2012. You can get it at The Creation Store.

The series headings are as follows:

Disc # Title
1 In the Beginning, God… In the Beginning, God...
2 The First Three Days The First Three Days
3 The Bible's Astronomy The Bible's Astronomy
4 Creatures of Air and Water Creatures of Air and Water
5 Creatures of Land Creatures of Land
6 After His Likeness After His Likeness

Here are some early images!

Six Days box on the shelf Six Days open on the shelf Six Days in Box


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