Sermons Without Music

June 6, 2011
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Can we have sermons without background music, please?

What's the old fool wittering on about, this time? – I can hear you ask. Well, I keep finding people posting links to really fine sermons – but they are spoiled by having background music with them.

I love the preaching of Paul Washer. He is in no way responsible for the moan I am about to unleash – but it seems to happen a lot with his sermons. I think it is unlikely that Paul Washer attends conferences with a 30-piece orchestra. If he did, I might be able to understand him getting banned from a few youth conferences! Yet, so many well-intentioned posters on FB or Twitface or whatever seem to think it's fun to have an mp3 of Mr Washer with music in the background. It isn't! It adds nothing to the excellent preaching. If anything, it is distracting and irritating, even if the music is good. No, ESPECIALLY if the music is good, because I will start listening to the music instead of the message.

I love music. And I love good preaching. And they don't go together. So stop doing it! Right?

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