Second Episode of Genesis by Numbers

Genesis by Numbers
July 1, 2014
Genesis by Numbers

Genesis by NumbersThe second episode of my occasional teaching series, Genesis by Numbers, is now available on this website. The intention of the series is to produce low cost film expositions covering every chapter of Genesis. Because my Six Days of Genesis series is still available, I have started with Genesis 3.

As I proceed, I am hoping to add study materials to the website, and eventually a whole seminar-type program.

In the mean time, please remember that I am asking for a one-time donation of just $1 per person per episode. For reasons of ease, I am not policing this, and it is currently possible to get to the videos without paying, but I would ask you to respect the donations, please.

Please also use the comments section on each episode's page, in order to communicate matters specific to that episode.

View the series here.

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