Richard III May Have Been Found!

September 12, 2012
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Map of dig site in Leicester
This map is copyright by the University of Leicester, and appears on the Daily Telegraph website. Click on the map to visit the Telegraph article.

Another brief update to my previous posts – here and here – about the archaeological dig currently going on in Leicester, where I used to live before moving to the United States.

Today's news in the Daily Telegraph is that they have found a skeleton buried in the place where they think King Richard III's body might have been. Not only that, but the skeleton has a marked spinal curvature due to a severe scoliosis. And I had always thought that the idea of King Richard III being a “hunchback” was just a myth made up by Shakespeare, in an era when the new Tudor dynasty might still have feared a popular desire to return to Richard's Plantagenet family.

The latest news item at the Daily Telegraph is here. There are links from that to several other articles, including an account of what must probably be the most exciting news conference any of the boffins at the University of Leicester have ever been involved in!

I am loving this news from Leicester. I have read a few accounts from killjoys, who have described the dig as a waste of money. I don't agree. I think it is money well spent to find out more about our past.

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