May 21, 2014
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South Wales has some beautifulĀ beaches. That was one of the joys of living in that corner of the United Kingdom. But, if I wanted a truly special day out for my kids, then it was worth making the journey to Rhossili, at the end of the Gower Peninsula.

The beach at Rhossili. Picture from Wikipedia – CCL2

The beach seems to stretch for miles of golden sand and dunes. The parking lot is on a hill, from which you get a stunning view of the beach in one direction, and the rocky outcrops and islands of Worm Head in another. I was always amazed at how many people chose to take in the view from their car, perhaps only getting out to buy an ice cream. however, the long walk down the winding path on to this unspoiled beach is worth the effort.

This week, Rhossili is in the news – for all the right reasons! For the second year running, it has been declared the UK's best beach. It has had a so-called Blue Flag award (denoting its special cleanliness, and facilities, as well as beauty) for over a decade. But not only is it the UK's best beach, it is also the ninth best beach in the world! Let's put that into context. Not a single beach in Australia, the United States, Mexico, Seychelles or South Africa made it into the top ten – no, not even Pensacola! this little Welsh resort is therefore in the same league as legendary places like Brazil'sĀ Baia do Sancho (best in the world) or Hawaii's Lanikai Beach. Rhossili may not be as warm as these other paradises, and those testing the surf will usually need to wear wetsuits rather than boardshorts. But for beauty and tranquility, Rhossili is in the Premier League of the world's beaches.

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