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September 19, 2012
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I have to confess that I was unsure about this book, when it was first mentioned to me. I have seen a few bad examples of people referring to biblical events from a “different” perspective.

I shouldn't have worried. This book is superbly written. It takes you behind the scenes to the “spiritual” angelic dimension behind every biblical event. And, contrary to my concerns above, it is thoroughly biblical in every detail. The research is absolutely amazing. Let me give you an example, without it being too much of a spoiler. There is a scene where Gavriel is held captive for a while by Lucifer. I was intrigued by this, but just thought it was part of the story. Then, suddenly, the story burst into what was happening to Daniel, before he was visited by Gavriel, and it all fell into place. Actually, my jaw literally fell open at how cleverly J.C. Lamont had woven various parts of the story dozens of pages back, to lead to this event, and on to others. The depth of biblical research is literally breathtaking.

Yet the book is not a difficult one to read. I have no doubt that people less fussy than me could read this as a thumping good yarn, that would keep them entertained. I'm one of these awkward people who looks for unbiblical errors and interpretations! There weren't any.

This is a superbly crafted book and I thoroughly recommend it. I was fortunate. I'd better declare that J.C. Lamont's agent sent me a review copy for my Kindle. I was not required to write a positive review. But I have! It is a really good story and I think you would enjoy reading it.

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