Revelation TV Staying Faithful

January 17, 2013
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In the light of Steve Chalke once again opposing biblical truth, supposedly from within the evangelical camp, my friends Howard and Lesley Conder were bowled a curved ball by an email to their show, R Mornings on their TV station, Revelation TV. As Chalke has decided that he can twist the Bible to say that monogamous homosexual relationships are OK, Lesley read out an email asking why Howard was constantly so negative about homosexuality and never condemned other sexual sins.

Of course, the email was nonsense. Howard has always been very gentle and gentlemanly on this issue, and has also always pointed out the wrongness of other sexual sins. This segment from the program shows Howard and Lesley at their best, lovingly defending what the Bible has to say. There was no harsh condemnation in their words, but neither was there compromise.

I praise God that He gave Howard and Lesley the vision to set up and operate Revelation TV – the ONLY media channel broadcasting British TV programs to British people that seek to honor God by maintaining a Scriptural stance. I am delighted that they have recently taken up broadcasting the Creation Today Show, and am proud to be associated with their endeavors.

I will comment myself on the main story shortly – probably through the Creation Today website. In the meantime, watch Howard and Lesley.

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