Report Season

July 8, 2011
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My lovely wife, Geri, wrote this mini-essay for her Facebook page.

For every mum and dad out there that lives in fear of their child's report, let me give you a word of comfort. Schools are not set up to recognise the really important qualities, such as loyalty, morality, care, compassion, polite mature natures, a sense of humour, determination, and stick-ability. Do not focus on your child's grades but rather their emotional, social and spiritual development that will determine and shape who they become.

Goverments make sweeping statements about 'What your child should be able to do at what stage' labelling them as 'below average' if they don't achieve certain levels at various bench marks in their lives.

I have been teaching for over 20 years and have taught in posh private schools, primary, prep, secondary as well as adults and in a male prison. It has been my experience that the adults I have taught have always said the same – 'school couldn't cope-couldn't deal with them for whatever reason and weren't interested in what they could do but rather focused on what they couldn't do making them feel worthless, stupid and a failure.'

Look beyond the grades and see the beautiful child below that is desperate to please, learn and be loved for who they actually are and not what schools decided they should be.

Trust me – if you love and encourage your precious children and love them into feel secure they will succeed. A faithful husband, loving father, nuturing mother and committed, supportive family will produce abundant fruit.

And happy, confident, self-assured young people will thrive and find THEIR place in the world.

Here's to reading school reports through new eyes. Pray for your children and God will lead them into a life worth living.

Geraldene Taylor

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