Remembering Eric Sykes

July 16, 2012
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Eric Sykes
from Daily Telegraph
When a much-loved entertainer, who was well known in your youth, dies of old-age, it reminds you of how the years are passing. That is how I felt recently, when Eric Sykes died on July 4th 2012. Few people on this side of the Atlantic will have heard of him. Indeed, many people in my native country have forgotten him. But to me he was an essential part of growing up.

As a fan of the Goon Show, it must be remembered that he assisted Spike Milligan in some of the best episodes, including the iconic “The Dreaded Lurgi”. And other British people of my age must remember Sykes's classic, long-running eponymous TV series, which also featured Hattie Jacques.

I looked for a favorite episode on YouTube to remind myself of his talent, and came across this wonderful one-off film, called “Rhubarb Rhubarb”, which features anyone who was anyone from the post-war British comedy scene. Watch and enjoy!

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