Printers vs the Environment

November 22, 2014
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I happen to have an Epson multi-function inkjet printer. It works well. But I have a complaint to make. And my complaint is not directed solely at Epson. I have used other printers in the past, and have come up against the same issue.

The issue is to do with recycling.

Epson claims to be an environmentally friendly company. Their policy statement on this issue says:

We strive to produce environmentally friendly products, using environmentally friendly materials and processes. We also conserve energy, use recycled products, and collect and recycle waste in an effort to minimize our impact on the environment. (Epson Co-Existence)

So why do they make it look as if I am a criminal for wanting to use refilled ink cartridges?

I have seen these notices a few times, and they really irritate me. First I get the notices on the printer itself:

Irritating messages from Epson.


Then, when I first try to print something on the PC, I get a notice on the screen.


Yet, Epson claim to be an environmentally friendly company, that states that they conserve energy and use recycled products. The best way of recycling their ink cartridges would seem to be to have them filled with new ink. And I have used the ink from this particularly company many times, without any adverse effects.

So – Dear Mr Epson. Please stop your subliminal bullying. I want less expensive, recycled ink cartridges, and I don't want the moaning, whining, irritating comments from you about what ink I am choosing to use.

Here endeth the rant…

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