Preacher Arrested in Wimbledon

July 3, 2013
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My friend, Tony Miano, is not some naive American Christian just blundering into Britain. He has researched everything meticulously before traveling to London on this evangelistic trip, and is supported, prayed for and advised by a number of mature Christians based in London.

Therefore, what happened to Tony, when he was arrested on the streets of Wimbledon, could easily happen to any British citizen, who merely proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Note that Tony explains that his interrogation by the Metropolitan Police was entirely based on questioning his faith. This is a development that should be of concern to all British Christians. You should not assume that Tony does not understand police interrogations. He was, for many years, a deputy sheriff.

This video is quite long for such a blog – 17 minutes. Even so, I urge you to watch it all.

2 responses on “Preacher Arrested in Wimbledon

  1. Dan Harris

    Praying Tony. Stand with vigilance as I have always seen you do – Always be prepared – stand with fear of God, and humility.

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