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July 30, 2012
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As some of you will be aware, I am a British citizen, working for an American ministry – Creation Today, based in Pensacola, FL. My wife and 3 of our children are also here in America. My son, Adam, is on a student visa. It was an answer to prayer that we managed to get that student visa for him. I now need to make a request for more prayer for him–and maybe some action, if some of you are able.

Adam is due to restart college very shortly. As foreigners, we get no special aid of any sort. We need about 25% of his fees up front pretty quickly and the rest as soon as possible after that. We are currently just over $2,000 short. Please will you pray that the money for Adam's tuition at Pensacola State College will come in. We really need some help on this matter. If you feel able to give anything at all towards this sum, then please do so, using the Paypal button below. If you need me to email you a receipt, I will do so if you leave your email address is the “comments” or “message” section.

We believe strongly that God wants Adam here in the US and that He has plans to use Adam in ministry here. However, his current student visa status is essential, if we are going to be able to go on and apply for Permanent Residency soon–and we must be able to find the fees for Adam's tuition. I do not like to beg, but we know that, if we cannot pay these fees, then Adam will have to return to the UK, as his visa will be ineligible.

God bless you for praying. God bless you if you are also able to help.

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  1. Jo Hossle-Standring

    Dearest Paul, Hope the little contribution helps. Very pleased to help support the young people in their studies. Ben has just completed his degree and we are so very very proud. All parents should experience the feeling !
    Know I am thinking of you.
    Lots of love,

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