Prayer Request for Adam: 2

July 31, 2012
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AdamThank you so much to so many of you who responded to my prayer request for Adam yesterday. Especially, thank you to so many of you who chose to give. A number of people gave little gifts, and these all add up, so that you have already provided a quarter of the target we were looking for. Yesterday, we were $2,000 short. Now we are about $1,500 short.

I will take the liberty, if it's OK, of posting the donations button again. We really value the prayers of all of you. And if some of you feel able to give something, please remember that it does not need to be a lot, because it all mounts up very quickly. I programmed the button so that the donations are clearly labelled, and therefore I cannot mix these amounts with anything else. And if you want a receipt, just say so in the PayPal comments box.

Adam has been producing a prayer letter regularly. I will start to post links to his prayer letter here. For the moment, please note that his prayer letters are available on his personal blog,

God bless.


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