One of God's Generals Goes Home

Steve Hill
March 10, 2014
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Steve HillEvangelist Steve Hill died on Sunday. He was best known for his part in the Pensacola Revival, where he preached repentance and faith and a full gospel message. The comment below comes from his ministry website,

Today, March 9 Steve crossed the finish line. Steve lived every day with eternity in view, today he finally saw it with his own eyes. The Church has lost a general in the faith, heaven has gained a saint.

I never met the man, though many of my closest friends here in America did,and testified to the humility and godliness of the man. But I was deeply impressed by his book, Spiritual Avalanche, in which he described a prophetic vision God had given him, which emphasized the dangers of false doctrines. He was all about the truth of Scripture and its importance. He criticized the easy-grace movement, and also excesses in charismatic groups. Importantly, he also saw cessationism, rightly, as an aberration. Because the gifts of the Spirit and baptism into the Spirit are biblically proclaimed for today, the theology that these things have ceased, however sincerely held, is a theology that subtly undermines Scripture.

About a year ago, my good friend Kyle Winkler had the privilege of interviewing Hill for his TV program. This episode is well worth watching, as Steve Hill becomes passionate in his proclamation of the truth of Scripture and the events recorded in in it. Watch the video by visiting Kyle's site at the link below, or se the video clip below.

Watch here.

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