Not a Young-Earther

Ken Ham
February 19, 2014
Creation News Opinion

In a recent radio interview, I made the point that I was not really a young-earther. Before you start stoning me as a heretic, I have stated over and over again that I take the age of the Earth – about 6,000 years – direct from the Bible. I consider 6,000 years to be ancient. Therefore I prefer to be called a Biblical Creationist, rather than a Young Earth Creationist.

However, I did start to wonder after the interview if I had perhaps offended some other creationists. So, I was delighted to read on his blog today that Ken Ham describes himself in exactly the same way for exactly the same reason! I knew that Ken took his views from Scripture, not from “evidence”, but it was wonderful to read him re-state this important truth in such emphatic terms. Just for the record, here is the quote from his article, which can be found at:

The Age of the Earth—an Authority Issue

Ken Ham
A “Biblical Creationist”, not a “Young-Earth Creationist”

Another observation is that much of the secular media wants to mock (as Bill Maher does in this interview) those who believe in an earth and universe that are only thousands of years old. Many Christians before and after the debate were criticizing me about this. However, if you watch the debate carefully, I made only a brief mention of the age of the earth in my opening statements—I actually didn’t even deal with this issue until the first rebuttal, and that’s because Bill Nye made a big issue out of it in his opening comments. Despite secular reports, I was not the one who made a major issue over the age of the earth.

In fact, I’ve said over and over again that I do not like being called a “young-earth creationist,” but I want to be called a “biblical creationist” instead. I’m not a young-earth creationist first and foremost—I’m a biblical creationist first of all. What I believe about the young age of the earth comes out of taking the Bible as written. And I’ve said numerous times over the years that the age of the earth, for example, is not a salvation issue but an authority issue.

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