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Social Media
May 14, 2020
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The degree of interference from the managers of the main social media platforms means that it is important to consider alternatives. There are a number of alternatives available. I have had difficulty finding an alternative to Twitter. I found one once, but it turned out to be filled with extremists, with racist views that I could not stomach.

Facebook is easier. Of course, Facebook is the ideal platform for advertising events and publications. Therefore, I shall keep my Facebook account for those, but stop using it for personal messages.

But what platform to use? I have opened accounts at both and Both look good. MeWe is international, but has a cost-based membership, which looks like it could become pricey. is less expensive, but appears based only on US members,

Which to choose? Do you have opinions?

As yet, I have no idea on alternatives to YouTube – Vimeo is actually politically worse than YouTube. As for Instagram – well, I just very rarely use that, and would not miss it. Nor do I use Pinterest. Goodreads is fun, but, frankly, I can do the same sort of stuff on my own website.

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