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June 21, 2016
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Martyn Lloyd-Jones
All 366 sermons on Romans are available from the Martyn Lloyd Jones Recording Trust

Martyn Lloyd-Jones began his epic series of expositions on Romans in 1956. That means that his expositions on Romans 1 are 60 years old. Yet, they are as fresh as the day he first preached them, on Friday evenings, in Westminster Chapel – the church that he pastored. This must probably be the most important set of expositions on the book of Romans ever produced.

When I was a teenager, I got a job, working on Saturdays in a Christian bookstore, while I was still in High School. It was there that I saw volume after volume by MLJ on Romans and on Ephesians. It was only later that I found out that MLJ hadn’t exactly written these books; he had preached them, then they had been set down into print, and, of course, he checked them to make sure that they really contained what he wanted to say. But these were sermons in print. Although the volumes were value for money, they were beyond what I could afford at the time.

Lloyd-Jones was up to date in his technology. He realized the value of having his sermons recorded, on reel-to-reel tape. It was by the later transcription of these recordings, that we have been enabled to have those wonderful books. But the recordings were themselves moved to other media. After his death in 1981, a charitable trust was set up to produce cassette versions of his sermons. I remember purchasing one set of cassette recordings.

It is clear that Lloyd-Jones was a presuppositional apologist before that term became popular!

Even more up to date recordings have now been made; the recordings are now available in mp3 form, for free download, from the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recording Trust ( No one who is serious about the Bible should miss these 366 recordings. And the best place to start is with the entire set of MLJ’s mammoth resource on Romans. The Bible does not contain a systematic theology document, but Romans is the nearest thing there is to it. Having listened carefully through all his sermons on Romans 1, it is clear that Lloyd-Jones was a presuppositional apologist before that term became popular!

You need to study the book of Romans. And, in my opinion, you need Lloyd-Jones’s comments on the book. And, at the moment, you have the opportunity to get all his sermons for free, from the wonderful website linked above. Maybe they won’t be available forever. Get them now while you can, and get equipped for your Christian walk and ministry, with these powerful messages from the middle of the last century.

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