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July 12, 2012
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EvernoteMichael Hyatt has posted on his blog today about using Evernote. Actually, it is a reposting, because his blog states that he is actually on vacation, but republishing some old posts. However, I haven't been subscribed to his blog long enough to have seen the post first time.

This posting prompts me to make two points.

1. Those of us who are into publishing need to read Michael Hyatt's blog. You need to subscribe to it and follow Michael's comments, because his blog is full of useful info like today's. Here's the link to get it:


2. You need to be using Evernote. Michael's blog tells you about how to organize Evernote, with notebooks, stacks and tags. But what about those of you who have not even started with Evernote yet. Get a move on! This remarkable tool is free! Get it at:


Evernote is a web-based note-taking tool. You jot notes into it. That's not all. With a browser plugin, you can capture entire webpages, web articles or just URLs if you wish. You can load the same software on to your work and home PCs, then log in with the same account details and you have the same notes available. Michael's article, linked above, then shows you how to organize this tool effectively. If you are on another PC, that does not have Evernote installed, that's no problem. Got to the Evernote website and log in there. All yor notes are available. Then there are free apps for iPhone, Androids, iPads and Kindle Fire. So you can have your notes anywhere.

Are you writing a book or article? Everytime you see a website you need to reference, memorize it with Evernote. Make your shopping list on Evernote, and you have it with you on your smartphone.

This brings us to another point. Your notebooks can be private and personal. Or you can share them with other people that you choose. Or you can make them public. A public notebook is a useful idea for easily disseminating quickly jotted study notes, for example, which might be less permanent and more quickly needed than a fully formatted PDF version. Or what about husband and wife sharing a notebook, for use as a shopping list? My wife can easily flag up items that she has forgotten, while I am actually in the grocery store doing the weekly shop! (or vice versa – ours is an equal opportunities family!!).

Personally, I am stunned that such a useful service and application suite is still free. I suggest you get it quick, before the programmers change their minds.

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