Lord, Make Me Humble

April 2, 2012
Author Article Opinion

I am determined to be humble
Then someone speaks to me, and I give them my two cents
So they reply and I give them two cents more
And I hurt them

Why can I not break this cycle?
Lord, please make me humble.
I mean the prayer, but I undo it every day.

It’s easier not to be humble.
It’s easier to forget.
Do I, deep down, not want to be humble?
Am I misquoting Augustine?
“Lord, make me humble, but not yet”

I come to the place of repentance on this too often.
I shouldn’t have to be here again.
I should have learned to be humble and learned to be gentle.
Tears don’t repair. Rather than tears, I should not break it in the first place.

I am a wretch.
John Newton said that God’s grace saves wretches like me.
God is indeed my only hope.
But, please start to make me humble, Lord.

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