Leicester and Richard III – Update

September 10, 2012
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The dig at the council car park in LeicesterHere's an update on the work going on in my former home city of Leicester. Apparently, the archaeologists from the University of Leicester are veryclose to finding what couldbe the body of King Richard III, having already found lots of other interesting things from the long lost abbeychurch of Grey Friars.

The photo on this page comes from the University of Leicester, and was published in the Daily Telegraph, so I might be breaking copyright using it. Therefore, I have turned the photo into a link to the Daily Telegraph article.

I think this sort of historical detective work isvery exciting, and I think it is a good thing that the Mayor of Leicester has extended by a few weeks the archaeological dig. I know that the people wanting the parking lot dug up and developed are being inconvenienced, but I hope they will agree that this sort of historical find makes the inconvenience worth it.

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