Last Night in England

April 18, 2011
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It's 9:30pm in the UK. I've just been on a brief walk in the dark, at the end of my last full day in England. Tomorrow will be a long day. We get up at 5am, and we will arrive in Pensacola, FL at 7:25pm. That sounds like 14.5 hours. It's not – it's 20.5 hours, because Pensacola is 6 hours behind UK time. It's a long boring journey – but we're excited about it, because of the new life at the other end. Please pray for my family. Geri will have to return in just under 2 weeks, to see Jack, Bethany and Joe through their summer terms at school. Adam is in Wales at the moment, and will join me in America at the end of May. Geri, Beth and Joe join me in July. Jack will be off to college in Wales, so he won't be coming. Gemma also will stay in the UK – at least until she finds a job somewhere.

Gemma will take us to the coach station for 7:30am, when our journey truly begins. I'll try and Tweet our progress. Stay tuned!

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