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June 12, 2012
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I am currently asking for anecdotes on how Knowing God As Creator has affected your Christian walk. The main project page for this is here.

I have asked that you tweet your comments, using our official hashtag #KGAC to @justsixdays. Here's mine:

Some months later (after I was saved), I had managed to get myself a part-time job at a Christian bookshop in Ashton‑under‑Lyne. The shop was called “The Jesus Family Bookstore”. I worked Saturdays, as I was in the 6th Form at school. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the shop, and I learned such a lot from the managers. The shop was rarely busy, and there was a lot of opportunity to discuss the Bible with the managers and with many customers, who often used to like to hang out for long periods of time in the shop before making purchases. Often, discussions would be prompted by new books and publications that had appeared in the shop during the week, and also the new vinyl 12‑inch record releases by contemporary Christian artists.

One day a new publication appeared in the shop that was to change the course of my life. At the time, I didn't really notice the magazine title. It wasn't much of a magazine. It was a folded A5 publication, typeset on a typewriter. But the inside content was dynamite.

These people did not believe in the theory of evolution. Instead, they believed that the account of creation in Genesis was literally true.

The magazine was actually the first edition of the journal Biblical Creation, published by the Biblical Creation Society. As I was studying for A-levels in science subjects at the time, I remarked on the magazine to one of our regular hang-out customers.

“These people don't appear to believe in the theory of evolution”, I said to him.

“That's interesting,” he replied. “Neither do I!”

To use a Lancashire expression, I was gobsmacked![1]Yet this young man, just a few years older than myself, was a university student studying biochemistry. Yet he did not believe evolution!

It was a good job that there were no other customers that afternoon, as he patiently explained why evolution was not actually scientific and how our biblical theology required us to believe that Genesis was true. Everything that he said made sense, especially the biblical arguments. Many of his ideas have stayed with me down the years. Nowadays, I cannot even remember his name, but if you are reading this book, my friend, you need to know what an enormous impact your words of truth had on my life. All through my adult life, I have studied and researched, learned and taught on the subject of Genesis, creation and evolution. And it all began on a quiet Saturday afternoon, in a little dusty Christian bookshop on Stamford Street, Ashton‑under‑Lyne, Lancashire, in 1978. All of my understanding and knowledge of God really is founded upon the concept that He has created everything in precisely the way He said He did.


[1] Gobsmacked is Lancastrian dialect for Very Surprised Indeed!


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