Joseph Barsabbas Justus

January 4, 2013

Reading Acts 1 this morning. How did Joseph Barsabas Justus feel when he wasn't chosen? The Bible doesn't tell us. This had nothing to do with his salvation – I assume that he was saved, and therefore chosen as a Christian, but just not chosen to be an Apostle. We serve in different capacities.

I have no answer to the following questions: but was he disappointed? Did he take a day or two to overcome disappointment? Did the events of Pentecost help him overcome his disappointment? Or was he immediately glad for his brother, Matthias? Did he congratulate him?

Was he one of the seventy-two disciples mentioned in Luke 10? The only thing we actually know about him is that, in order to have been nominated, he had to have accompanied the apostles all the time that Jesus was with them (Acts 1:21-22). So, it seems likely that he was part of that "outer circle" of seventy-two (or is it seventy – we don't know exactly) who were Jesus' followers.

Legend has it that Justus was eventually martyred. I guess that makes sense – many of the other disciples were martyred. So, it seems likely that he continued his walk with God. If he had been disappointed, I am sure that he got over it. But how did he feel at that moment?

I have had many such disappointments. Maybe there is a Bible character – mentioned oh so briefly – who understood…

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