Jesus Will Return

Dreamy Twilight
April 20, 2020
Book Doctrine Historic Premillenialism Jesus Will Return

I am going to take some time to put together a book about eschatology under the title Jesus Will Return. However, I will do this in a manner which is a bit different. I intend to publish each chapter here as an article – together with an audio version of the article. You will be able to find all of those articles here.

This category covers a series of articles, which will eventually become a book.

  1. Study of the End Times Eschatology Matters As I write these articles, the world is in the middle of the so-called COVID19 pandemic. I am not intending to talk about that ... Continue reading...
  2. The Millennium It has been said that the devil hates six chapters of the Bible more than any other. These chapters are also the ones, which seem ... Continue reading...
  3. The Reign of King Jesus The Events of Revelation 19-21 When we examine the seven visions of Revelation 19-21, we find that there are four events to come. The Second Coming of ... Continue reading...

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