It's a Boy!

July 22, 2013
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Crowds at Buckingham Palace
Crowds at Buckingham Palace. Photo from Daily Telegraph.

I had to drive out tonight towards the airport. LED advertisement hoardings were already flashing the message out – “It's a boy! Duchess of Cambridge has given birth”. What is unusual about that? What's unusual is that I am an ex-pat; like James Brown, I am living in America – in Pensacola, Florida, to be exact.

The Announcement at Buckingham Palace
The Announcement at Buckingham Palace. Photo from BBC

This tells you something about the importance of this event. Under the UK's constitutional arrangements, this new baby will one day be Head of State, if the Lord tarries. Our aging Queen, despite her longevity, is something of a rarity – a Queen Regnant. Most UK monarchs are Kings. When the Queen passes, she will be succeeded by Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales – who will be the oldest ever ascendent to the UK throne. He will be succeeded by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. And he will be succeeded by the new baby prince. Thus the British constitution is protected for a further three generations.

In recent weeks, a grave spiritual disaster has hit the UK's constitution, in my opinion. I will be blogging about this shortly. For today, let us concentrate on happier news. I have grave doubts over the spiritual condition of the Prince of Wales, but let's pray that he is unable further to damage our constitution, and that God will protect and work through the next two people in line to the throne.

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