In the Middle of Confusion

February 25, 2013
Author Article Worship Songs

In the middle of confusionThis is the title of a new song of worship that I have written. It is loosely based on verses from Numbers 6 and Psalm 119:126.

If you would like a copy of the sheet music for the song, you can download it here.

You can listen to a rough mp3 here. Please note that the mp3 is just a machine-produced file, made by an export from Melody Assistant (my music writing software). The export function could not understand Dal Segno, so the file ends abruptly at the point where it is supposed to do a final repeat.


One response on “In the Middle of Confusion

  1. Drue

    I like the sound of the machine-generated preview. You should create a YouTube channel and record yourself. I've heard you before, and you play and sing great.

    And man, can I relate to the lyrics.

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