I Came to Jesus Because of Genesis

June 13, 2012
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Cornish VillageI have lost count of the number of people who have come to me after meetings and have said “I came to Jesus because of Genesis”.

One of the factors which makes my talks not exactly unique, but certainly different from quite a few creation talks is that I almost always share the Gospel in my presentation. This is not forced. To me, it is easy and natural, because Jesus was present in Genesis as well as in the Gospels! Many listeners seem to have a similar reaction, as I have just said. A common response from many people is “Once I knew that Genesis was true, I knew that everything else in the Bible was true, as well.”

I often wish that I had recorded some of the wonderful testimonies that many of you have shared with me after such meetings. Well, now you have a chance to help me. In yesterday's post, I suggested that you tweet experiences about Knowing God As Creator (#KGAC). How about also sharing your salvation testimonies, please? All testimonies are wonderful and precious, but I hope you will understand that I am particularly interested in those testimonies that relate to issues of Genesis, creation and evolution. If you are Twittering, please use our official hashtag #KGAC – or add your longer testimonies, using this blog's comment system. I am sure that you will all be encouraged by what everyone else shares.

And while you are considering helping with my future book, please consider buying my current one, No Time for Itching Ears.

God bless you all, as we seek to serve Him.

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