How to Answer the Fool with the Gospel

May 29, 2013
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This is not a review of Sye Ten Bruggencate's excellent film. Eric Hovind will be writing that review, for our Creation Today webpage. I am simply going to address one small criticism that I came across of Sye's film.

According to this criticism, the film did not sufficiently show the Gospel being presented.

Now, I think the criticism is unjustified. Let me explain why.

When I was a schoolteacher, it was a well-known principle that each lesson should contain only one main point. You taught this point from several angles, but you hammered the point home. You could cover another main point in another lesson. That is what Sye is doing here. The main point of the film is in the title. The 80 minutes of the film simply outworks that main point. If Sye had also included information about how to use presuppositional apologetics on the street, and give a full Gospel presentation, then that would be a second main point. It would be poor educationalism to try to teach a second main point in the film. Maybe another film, on another occasion, will give Sye the opportunity to address that issue.

Now, I know for a fact that Sye is definitely in favor of taking his apologetic out on to the streets and applying it in a Gospel presentation. And I have the proof here. This is Sye preaching on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, on May 25th 2013.

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