House of Cards

February 9, 2013
Fun Media Opinion

20130209-085344.jpgI have really enjoyed the Netflix original series. It has been an interesting experiment.

I was surprised that all 13 parts were released at once, though. I have watched 2 episodes in a session and am on episode 7, so I won't reveal plot lines yet.

What makes it interesting to me is the translation of the original idea, set in the British parliamentary system, to the American presidential system. However, it works. I was really pleased to hear the antihero Frank Underwood use the famous Francis Urquhart line “You might very well say that. I couldn't possibly comment.” It was also good to see that the original novelist, Michael Dobbs, was one of the executive producers.

Well, it's good fun, and I enjoyed it, though viewers need to be aware that it contains some very bad language at parts, as the original did.

Once I have watched it, I will go back and watch the original British series again. That's all on Netflix too.

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