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The Complete Holmes Audio Book
June 12, 2020
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Audible.com is that branch of Amazon that sells audio books. I like audio books. An Audible subscription involves a regular monthly subscription, which gives me an audiobook credit every month. So, I obviously usually like to buy books listed as more expensive than the monthly subscription. Even so, I am sometimes amazed at the size of the opportunity!

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry – 2016. Public Domain.

Today, I found a wonderful audiobook. It is the Complete Sherlock Holmes. It is narrated in entirety by actor and comedian Stephen Fry. As soon as I saw the listing, I knew i had to have it! 63 hours of wonderful story!

But it gets better. While I do not care for Fry’s lifestyle, or religious views (radical atheism), there is no doubt that he is an excellent actor, and a polymath to boot. And he writes so well. The publishing company obviously commissioned him not only to read the complete unabridged Sherlock Holmes stories – and that would have been reason enough to buy the product – but also to write a foreword for each book, and a lengthy foreword for the whole series. I already knew, from his comments on episodes of the legendary QI tv show, that Fry was an expert on the subject of Holmes, and indeed of the author Arthur Conan Doyle. So far,. I have listened to Fry’s masterful foreword to the series, which is itself informative and entertaining.

It would be a long time before I can get through the whole 63 hours. But I am 2 hours into the first story – A Study in Scarlet. Already, I know that I can well recommend this audiobook.

Full price, this audiobook would be $57. But I pay considerably less than that for the monthly subscription credit, which has got me this masterpiece for $14.

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