Guitar Heroes: 6. Keaggy

July 21, 2012
Author Article Music video

This is probably the least good quality in terms of video of any of the guitar heroes that I have posted. And the name of the guitarist is probably the least well-known. But to me, and to many people who have watched and heard him, Phil Keaggy is probably one of the very, very best guitarists – possibly THE best. His talent is God-given – a fact that Keaggy, as a born-again Christian, personally acknowledges and testifies to.

So, amidst the crackling, sit back and enjoy the wonderfully talented Mr. Phil Keaggy, and his band Glass Harp with a song called Time

This is the last of this series of guitar heroes. I know there are a lot more I could have picked (I can even now hear you shouting “where's Gilmour, where's Walsh and where's Page). So, maybe I'll revist the idea of guitar heroes again soon.

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