Guitar Heroes: 1. Knopfler

July 17, 2012
Author Article Music video

Although I play keyboards, I have always enjoyed good guitar players. I can only manage two or three guitar chords, so I really admire those people who can run their fingers up and down the instrument.

Just for your enjoyment, I thought I'd pick out a selection of my favorite guitar heroes over the next six days. You probably won't agree with the names I have chosen, and will want to shout other names at me on day six. But this is my personal choice. Don't argue with me! Just enjoy!

Actually, on this video, there are two guitar heroes, because Clapton is actually joining in with Dire Straits for the night, at the Nelson Mandela Birthday Concert in 1988. But the main focus in this live version of Sultans of Swing is the artistic director of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler.

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