November 1, 2012
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EU flag placed pre-eminently over UK flag.
A shameful display.

There is a flag code in the United States. It suggests that, if there is more than one flag, the Stars and Stripes should be on the left as you look at them, as this is the pre-eminent position. This seems logical, that the left flag, as you observe, is the one with higher authority.

I don't recall a flag code in the UK. But the logic seems irrefutable. If the same sort of code applies, then what does that imply about this display of two flags next to UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron's acceptance of the flag arrangement looks like an unconstitutional surrender of sovereignty to the empire that is the European Union. The Satanic Circle of the EU is positioned in the pre-eminent position to the Union Jack. This is a shameful display. It used to be that soldiers committing treason were shot.

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