Encouragements and Requests

Paul Taylor
October 1, 2014
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We have now done 5 full days at the 7 Wonders Museum. And that link works! The new website is now online, though it will need some extra stuff added soon, such as a webstore.

So, let's start with the encouragements. We have been kept busy with visitors to the museum. Some of them have spent quite a bit of money on books – but most have spent nothing.

I have taken several bookings for tours of the mountain area. I have also taken several bookings for church meetings. These are encouragements.


Those bookings do not happen this week. Please remember that we do not take a living salary from this ministry; just enough to cover our rent and utilities. So I have no idea what we are going to use to buy food with over the next few weeks. So, we are asking for your prayerful support. If you think you can support us financially, at least in the short term, then please use the donations link below. We have a shortfall of $2,000 per month that we need to fill if we are going to survive in this ministry. I have had hints of some possible finance to plug this gap, but nothing definite has come through. Another ministry will pay me for some online tuition work, but obviously I need to get that work done, and I haven't yet had time – no one in their right mind will pay me for tuition work that I haven't yet done!

So there it is – medium term it looks promising, but we have an emergency in the short term. Of course, if you all pray and find that God does not want you to give, then it could very well mean that Geri and I misheard God when we thought He wanted us here in WA. But for the moment this is where we believe God has brought us. So I have to put my prayer cap in my hand and ask if some of you might be able to fill it.

May God bless you.

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