Election 2015

Election 2015
May 3, 2015
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Election 2015Britain goes to the polls on Thursday May 7th 2015, in the most closely contested election ever, if the opinion polls are to be believed. So who should be elected?

Unlike the United States, where only the 2 biggest parties seem to get members elected, Britain has a number of sizable alternative parties to the big two – Labour (somewhat similar to the Democrats, though even more left-wing) and the Conservatives. The latter have been in government for the last 5 years, but only by forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrat party.

Prior to 2010, Britain had 13 years of disastrous Labour government, under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. That government brought in some highly immoral legislation. But it must never be forgotten that one of the least moral laws of recent years – the Same-Sex Marriage Act – was brought in and enthusiastically supported by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. Indeed, the current Conservative Party gives every indication of being economically conservative, but socially just as liberal as Labour.

Also of concern is the equivocating policies on the European Union – the revived Roman Empire. This godless institution appears to be supported, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, by all major UK political parties, except one – the United Kingdom Independence Party – UKIP. That party also seeks to curb the appallingly high levels of immigration, and have falsely been accused of racism in so doing, when actually, like me, they seek to support and protect genuinely British people, whose ethnic background happens to be Afro-Caribbean, or Asian.

So – who to vote for. With the closeness of the election, and the disastrous policies of the Labour Party, one is tempted to vote Conservative, simply to keep the socialists out. This could be a good reason for returning Mr Cameron, perhaps with a small overall majority.

But I would not be able to bring myself to vote for a Prime Minister with a known record for socially liberal, unbiblical and pro-European policies. Indeed, there would, in practice, be little difference on important social matters, between a Conservative or a Labour government. Both prospects are equally unappealing.

Therefore, it is my considered opinion that I would want to vote for the party that actually most closely represents my views, and to encourage others to do the same. That is why I am urging my readers in Britain to vote UKIP on Thursday.

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