Don't Miss the Noah Movie?

February 19, 2014
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March 28th 2014 is the date for the release of the long-awaited Noah Movie. I can't give you a judgment on it, because I haven't seen it. I have read negative comments from Christian groups that have seen it, but I will reserve judgment till I have seen it too. Besides, I do not expect Hollywood to give us a movie of biblical exegesis.

I expect there will be some useful questions raised by the movie, however. Even if the movie treats the account as if it were as true as Lord of the Rings, the media will surely have to engage with the fact that there are many of us who accept the biblical account as true. I think it is possible that we may be able to start conversations on the subjects of the veracity of the biblical accounts, the authority of Scripture and the application of these things to science. For example, we could take small fossils with us to the streets and apply them to the account of Noah's Flood, and explain the Gospel with them.

dmtb3d-223x300If you want the necessary background to be able to talk about the Flood then you have just over one month to prepare! What you are going to need is a copy of my book, Don't Miss the Boat. The book is intended to be an easy-to-read but comprehensive guide to the biblical Flood.

This is what some Amazon reviewers are saying about the book:

“Don't Miss the Boat by Paul Taylor is an exciting new book from Master Books.”

“Don’t Miss the Boat can be considered Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Biblical Flood (whether or not you were afraid to ask)”

“I am very happy to have an intelligent book about the Biblical flood.”

“The biggest problem lies in the fact that there is very little material that available that helps people to understand what happened during and because of Noah's Flood. Until now.”

“Taylor has done a wonderful job of combining technical and scientific evidence with interesting fictional stories about what could have happened in the pre-flood world.”

“If you are at all interested in learning more about the scientific and historical accuracy of the bible, creationism, and the great flood, I cannot recommend this book enough!”

Are you convinced yet? The book has a study guide in it that will help you get the most out of it – especially in small groups.

Get yourself ready for the Noah Movie, by buying and reading Don't Miss the Boat. Available from the aStore on this website.

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