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February 24, 2014
Book Creation Don't Miss the Boat News

ImageI did an interview for the Crosstalk program today. Today's Crosstalk was presented by Jim Schneider, and is broadcast by VCY America. Jim questioned me about my book Don't Miss the Boat, because of the imminent release of the Noah Movie. The show will very soon be available as an mp3 download at the link above.

The Noah Movie is going to get people talking about Noah and the Flood. I do not expect a Hollywood movie to give a biblical account – indeed, rumors suggest that Noah is presented as a sort-of environmental campaigner. Christians will need easy-to-understand information about the Flood event, in order to respond to the questions that will come thick and fast. My book is the only complete book about the Flood which is easy-to-read and understand, and it contains a study guide at the back.

The book is available from the aStore on this website – just click on the aStore link on the menu above.

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