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November 27, 2013
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DisqusI tried installing the Disqus commenting system on this website about a year ago. It wouldn't work. as with many such technologies, one sometimes has to wait, then try again. That is what I have done. This time, it appears to have worked – mostly! Some older Wordpress comments have disappeared. However, I have backed them up, and can see them all through the Dashboard, so presumably I will eventually find them.

If you are use to making comments on a number of blogs, you will find this system works well, as you will be able to tie together comments made in different places, if you have a Disqus account. And there are android and iphone apps for Disqus as well.

So, hopefully this new system will improve your enjoyment of the site. It won't change my policy of deleting comments from the site that I do not like – it's my site after all! However, you will still have your own record of the comment you made, and the post you attached it to, in your Disqus account, so you should be happy too; if you violently disagree with me, you will still have your material at have for use in your own blog.

Happy Blogging! And Happy Thanksgiving!


I have just learned that the import of old Wordpress comments to the Disqus system takes about 24 hours to complete. So, if you had a previous comment, it should still be available, and should reappear on this site tomorrow.

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